Zoltan Nagy
Zoltan Nagy
Fine Art Photography

Zoltan Nagy

Fine Art Photography

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About Me

Zoltan Nagy is a fine art photographer, expert in DTP and color management. Born on 1979. in Zagreb, Croatia. Lives and works in Pula, Croatia. Intensively engaged in photography since 2005. exibiting his work since 2006.
Because of the need of commenting the global modern consumerist reality, superficiality and lies, his work is preoccupied with the reflection, criticism and analysis of humanity, emotions and alienation.
Through the formal motif of the human body in different proportions finds new potentials and pushes the boundaries of understandings about the function, shape and purpose of a human body in the context of human being as an entity.


2006. First solo show, Civic library, Pula (HR)
2007. „SILENTIVM“ MUL gallery, Pula (HR)
2010. „BODYLAND“ Tourist office Fazana (HR)
2011. "ECCE HOMO", Fonticus gallery, Groznjan (HR)
2011. "ECCE HOMO", SAXbar, Pula (HR)
2012. "MONAD", 18th PUF festival, Zerostrasse, Pula (HR)
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